Air Filter Testing Machine

Air Filter Testing Machine ManufacturerKanwal Enterprises are reputed as the preeminent Air Filter Testing Machines Exporter from India. With well-established business network, we have excellently catered to the bulging demands of the domestic as well as international market. The filter machine are also manufactured as per the international standards. We deals our products mostly in Poland, Abu Dhabi, U.S.A, Oman, Muscat, Dubai, Peruetc. the standards of our machines is highly durable, easy accessible and simply constructed. The hard work of our engineers has helped us to gain profits through customer satisfaction. Moreover, our quality products and prompt services have made us popular all-round the globe.

Specifications of Air Filter Testing Machine

  • Dust feeder fitted with SS hopper.
  • Fitted with variable drive for different flow rate quantity
  • Dust feeder will be mounted on frame
  • 150mm dia. ducting will be used in test equipment
  • Test filter housing suitable to mount filter of 500mm height & having an inner dimension of 400x400mm.